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Our Difference.


Many companies claim to be fun and have fun guides, yet they miss out on the simple basis of what is fun.

Is it the same for everyone, everytime, everywhere ? How can you ensure fun when you use the same recipe for everyone, everytime, everywhere ? Our name and slogan both include the word "fun" because that is us and what we focus on. All our guides know that people rarely remember what you say but never forget how you make them feel.


"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun"  ~ Katherine Hepburn


The concept of Fun is very much like Love. Everyone seems to know what it is, yet there's no "one fits all definition". The best way to describe it is to be speechless from it. There are things in life that can only be felt, fun is one of them. However our difference is that we take the time to learn about you and what makes you happy, in other words what you would do for free in the worst possible natural conditions. That can be your favorite hobby or your passion. Deep down those two things make you feel good and we know that because our passion is Guiding and making people have fun. For each person it varies from music, movies, photography, sports etc... This is why our tour emphasizes on what you care most about. A recipe that has been proven successful by our past clients.


We  make you laugh

We make you smile

We make you say wow

We make you LEARN, without stress.

We make you never forget New York City.


This is our Difference : We give Tours, not Funerals !
It's always Fun on the Run ! 





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Ibrahima Diallo

"The City is my Passion and Inspiration"


Ibrahima is a Senegalese native, who has seen the city as a Tourist, Immigrant, New Yorker, Licensed Guide and Photographer.


Founder of All New York Fun Tours, Ibrahima has been working nearly a decade as a licensed guide. His passion for the City is the reason why in 2009 he started a movement called NYC Passion (twitter an instagram) to share his unconditional love for New York. His photography has been featured in many instagram feed about photography (Central Park, New York dot com, etc...) website like and finalists in photo competitions. Below are a few of his images.


All allows the possibilities, variations, destinations, themes and , merriment to be endless

New is something that makes us fresh and different we are continuously in search of it

York is not us without New in front, New York is our platform and all we have Passion for.

Fun is our Core, without limits because excursions must not be stressful or plain boring.

Tours informal, memorable, educational  and enjoyable.

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