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For school groups and Communities sharing a similar educational purpose.

All New York Fun Tours has set up the perfect packages for your group. Whether you are visiting with your family, or school, we can make your trip very fun and memorable. From Hour 1 or Day 1 to your last minute in the city. It is our mission to make sure you have a great time. So Contact Us now to know why we are the real experts ! Our Fun-Educational Tours are memorable, educational and enjoyable by all ages.


​Below you can find examples of Fun-E Tours as well as Tours specifically oriented to kids under 15:

FUN-E Tours
Immigration: The Quest for Liberty
Millions of Immigrants had crossed miles to seek for new life and opportunities in New York City. This rich history of the city makes it today one of the most diverse places in The World. It was never an easy path to Liberty or Financial Freedom. Our tour covers the mutitude of issues and advantages that came along with wanting to move to New York City. Among the many areas we can cover on this tour:
-Lower East Side Manhattan
-Little Italy




Possible Add-ons:

Liberty Island / Statue of Liberty Cruise

Ellis Island/ Immigrants Museum

Lower East Side Tenement Museum


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Manhattan: Architecture and History

The architecture of Manhattan is very rich and complex for anyone who is not expert in this area. Do not just absorb its beauty, learn about it in this fun facts filled tour. From the Dutch era to the newly opened One World Trade, we will discuss and show what makes such place perhaps the most attractive place to visit.

  • Financial District

  • World Trade Center

  • Madison Square Park

  • Midtown (Rockefeller Center area)




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Kids Photo Tours
Winter Photos
Kids Photography: NYC Through Your Lens

There's an artist in everyone. This tour brings our that side of us. It allows the  participant to learn technics that will help them have a foot in the World of Photography while using NYC has a setting. The Guide who is a professional photographer will tell tales and fun facts about the City and give somewhat a field class on photography.


  • Basics Rules of Photography

  • Quests and Pics Hunt

  • All Camera types welcomed

  • Minor Editing


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