How to find the Best places to stay


With so many hotels, vacations rentals, and even airbnb to choose from, you can easily be confused and pick something that is not a great value.


The most important thing is to book early and and take your time so you do not settle for anything less than great. You must also read the reviews good and bad, see if the same complaints comes back over and over. As far as location, if you are planning to use the Subway/ Public Transportation then make sure it's not more than 5 blocks away, otherwise if the weather is bad you will not like it much. Although many people search for a Hotel near Times Square, there are plenty of places in the other Boroughs especially Brooklyn and Queens (Long Island City) with superb views of Manhattan skyline while being 2 stops or three away from Times Square.


Among the sites that offer hotels booking with great rates, I can single out Hotels Combined offers the lowest rates and the website is easy to navigate with features like what's the best week to book. Make sure to check it out before making your final decision.

Advance purchase recommended!
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