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All New York Fun Tours continues to grow as a one of a kind facilitator of tours of New York City.  Based on the values of its founder, the company offers value to customers by providing quality product and services to New York City tourism industry. We live out our dreams in the harbors of New York City as we welcome visitors from both air and sea travel.  Our passion for travel makes our products and services in New York City unique.   

Original Founder:
Why fun matters to Ibrahima Diallo ?

All New York Fun Tours was founded by Ibrahima Diallo in 2011. Mr Diallo has called NYC home for almost 2 decades. His Love and Passion for the city is why he chose to be involved in the tourism industry. After working for a few years for various companies, he felt that every visitor of this metropolis deserved to be treated with the same energy the city gave and the only way that could be achieved is by providing fun tours. The concept of "We give tours, not funerals" sums it all. Now more than ever, with all that's going around the world people travel to discover places, learn about other cultures, spend time with their love ones or escape from stressful environments. Our duty includes providing a service that exceeds their expectations, creating memories that will make them feel good and make it worth the trip. There are things that no one could put a price on. Happiness is one of them. Even if it was for a split second we just want you to have a good time.

The newly acquired tour guide services in New York City will be operated by Tonya McPhearson in 2024.

How it all began ?

Ibrahima and Talib Rafi, The Secretariat General of The United Nations World Tourism Organization
Ibrahima Diallo
Founder/ President ANYFT
Talib Rafi
Secretary General of UNTWO

Ibrahima Diallo, Founder of All New York Fun Tours, was born in Dakar, the Capital of Senegal. He lives in New York City since 2003. Prior to being a New Yorker and resident, he has been a tourist in 2000, and  2001. He sadly was witness to the tragic events of 9/11 2001. Life in NYC was never going to be same, He thought and didn't come back in 2002. While away a lot went through his mind, questions and answers such as why did this happen, is New York City, ever going to rise up from this, should I give up on my dreams etc...?


When he came back just like many he started to work in small shops and made it to manager position but deep inside He felt there's something missing and People he met failed to see The City the way it deserved to be admired. In 2007 He became a Ticket agent for one of the 3 Double-Decker tour companies at the time. Only 3 months later He studied and passed the NYC Department of Consumers Affairs Sightseeing Tour Guide Exam and passed with an exemplary score (120+ good responses out of 150 total). He started to work as a Guide on those buses in conditions that weren't optimal. It was a great feeling to be able to share the Passion with visitors but the routine was daily and too limited. NYC is much larger and the Fun element was not always present due to factors beyond his control.

People deserve more from a guide and any tour company.


He left in 2011 and started from Scratch All New York Fun Tours with a slogan inspired from a quote that a customer once said to him : "What I liked the most about you mister after taking many tours with others is that you gave a Tour, and it was nothing like funerals, I love it"


We know they are great companies out there, with unique and amazing offerings, and we would recommend them to you anytime that what they offer is what you need, however if Fun is all you want while touring, we won't let you down. The way we see this City is through the eyes of a visitor, an immigrant, a local, a guide and a passionate and we want to share that with you in the most Fun Way: Our Way !

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