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Three Reasons why an All NY Fun Tours photo-shoot is so unique?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Pictured here is a client with a Selfie Stick on a Walking Tour In Central Park.

All NY Fun Tours has a walking guided tour, a photographer, and lessons, too! Although there are several photographer tours to choose from, the Selfie Walking Tour is unique because all at once, you are learning and having fun! Every day, New York City offers the opportunity to express yourself with self-expression that is often easy to capture in a flattering selfie photo.

ANYFT also instructs you how to capture yourself in the selfie accurately. There's no monkeying around here. It's New York City.

1. See hidden viewpoints of Central Park and other iconic landmarks.

Enjoy Central Park's natural beauty and environment while walking along the path to find its Hidden Gems.

Times Square, New York City

Previous clients have joined us with the ANYFT licensed guide and photographer.

2. Did You Take That Picture?

Like a pro, you will learn how to take a selfie in front of one of New York City's attractions.

3. Film Photography

All New York Fun Tours photographers use photo processing film for photo shoots for clients who request it.

Millions of people visit New York each year. Booking your hotel, roar guide, or hotel restaurant can make or break a spectacular experience. Early booking is the best practice when traveling to New York City.

When choosing the Selfie Tour, the time duration varies from 90 minutes to 3 hours or more.

The duration depends on several factors including whether or not our guest has requested a unique length of time for their the guided tour.

Durations also depend on factors such as schedule availability.

If you select a professional photographer, using film, the minimum price for a 3-hour package changes. That's because the film takes longer to process, and the services are exclusive to your NYC photo gallery portfolio.

Prices depend on:




-other characteristics

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