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Motorsports Hospitality in New York City

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Formula One in Mid town Manhattan

Folks have been meeting at Fiele on 33rd Street in Manhattan for years, and now that Formula One has gained momentum in the North American motorsports events space, you would expect there to be lots more people gathering there. And you would also expect F1 to be more popular in the United States, since its offices are also headquartered in New York City.

Formula E is also recognized in the New York City area. Brooklyn hosts a race their every year.

Travel and Hospitality are not a new theme to the FIA, Federation International of the Automobile. The FIA is internationally recognized as an overseer of the business and operations of automobile sports organizations. It has also played a role in making public roads safer for automobile consumers who drive on national public highways across the globe, by testing and designing vehicles that perform better on the race track.

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